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New Castle Wayside Exhibits

Fort Casimir: Key to the Early Delaware Valley

            Location – The riverfront park at the foot of Chestnut Street.

An artist’s concept helps visitors envision the fort that founded New Castle on the site of its archeological remains and to understand its strategic importance in the 1600s.


Harbor wayside.jpg

New Castle Harbor

            Location – The Wharf.

An imaginative 1857 painting highlights the significance of New Castle as a port.

Crossing the Delaware

            Location – The Wharf.

This panel illustrates 20thcentury solutions to meeting the challenge of crossing the mighty Delaware.


New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad 

            Location – In Battery Park near the end of the Strand.

Former New Castle resident Hugh Ryan’s artwork captures the operation of the New Castle Frenchtown Railroad from that very site in the 1830s.

Delaware’s Independence Hall 

              Location – To the left of the New Castle Court House Museum on Delaware St.

This panel interprets Delaware’s premier historic structure as the site of the state’s separation from both Pennsylvania and Great Britain.

Sheriff’s House and County Jail 

             Location – Next to the Sheriff’s House on Market Street.

An 1896 painting captures the whipping post in operation at a time when Delaware was the last state to prescribe whipping as a punishment.

CH in place full.jpg
Sheriffs Hse Prison.JPG
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