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All this included in ticket price:

  • Kalmar Nyckel docked at Wharf and doing ship tours.  Included in ticket price

  • Greenbank Mill and Philips Farm Sheep

  • Historic houses and gardens open for tour

  • Museums and church tours

  • 1st Delaware Regiment encampment (Rev War) on the Green

  • 17th c New Amstel Dutch Regiment encampment and firing demo on the Green

  • Fort Delaware Coronet Band and encampment on the Green

  • Children’s activities on the Green and wharf

  • Colonial Market Row features Old World Breads, Gigi and Cat, Sons of Liberty, Fort Casimir Honey Company, Henlopen Candles, Historic Delights, and more

  • Colonial brewer and cheese making demonstrations

  • Plein Air Art Competition and Sale on the Green

  • Native American foodways demonstration  

  • Costumed reenactors throughout the town

  • Music and dance presentations on Delaware St.

  • Historic artisan demonstrations on the Green

  • Tented seating and food trucks at the Wharf

  • $1 off ticket price if you dress in Colonial or Victorian period clothing

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